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Slab Selection

Every great granite countertop starts with a great granite slab. That’s why we take great lengths to ensure that our suppliers only deliver the highest quality of stone to us and we spend a lot of our times searching every available granite supplier for the best and most affordable material.
Our slab selection is unmatched in Southern Illinois. Our stone yard features some of the most exclusive granites along some of the most popular ones. With over 100 color choices to select from, our granite yard is a must see.

When you first start shopping for your granite countertop, your stone selection makes all the difference.Our staff members take the time to go over every color choice, present homeowners with choices not only in granites but cabinet colors as well. All to ensure that the stone you pick is a perfect fit for your project.

Once you have selected one of our beautiful stones, one of our staff members will make an appointment at your home to make an exact replica of your cabinet layout. This is the template that will be used to custom fabricate your granite countertops. It is important that you are present for the template as any change or special request must be done at this time.

The quality of your finish product depends on a lot on how precise a template is made. Here is again where working with us makes a difference. The owner is the person making the template. That’s right our owner will come and make the template at your house to ensure that you are getting the most accurate setup and that all the necessary information is collected to ensure the perfection of the finished product.


Once a template has been made and returned to our fabrication shop , our crew of expert craftsmen will match the template to the selected slabs and will move pieces until we obtain the best color match and flow for your countertop.

The truth is that some other shop will just put the pieces on the cutting board and go to town. We don’t we take our time and prepare the positioning of each piece on the salb to ensure the best fit. This is also the reason why you trully want to work directly to the fabricator and not some intermediate that either doesn’t understand the fabrication process or just doesn’t know it.

When we finally find the best solution, our sawyer will begin cutting your countertops and playing it for milling and polishing in our shop. This process takes anywhere from 2-3 days depending on how big your project is.

It’s also worth knowing that both hand tools, as well as sophisticated machines, are used to complete the fabrication of your project. We polish each piece by hand thus ensuring that each linear inch of it is perfect in shine and color. Often times polishing machine can not get the same quality polish like an experienced polisher. Our polishers have over 10 years of experience and we can assure you that no one can get a better shine than we can.


The installation process is the last step to complete your project. Also, it is by far the most important step as this will be the final product and much attention to fit and finish must be given to ensure the superior quality of your countertop.

Just as with templating, The owner is present at each and every installation to ensure the final fit and finish is above and beyond our customer’s expectations.

Walls will never be straight, cabinets will never be leveled but unlike other fabricators, we don’t use these facts as an excuse. We take our time and do everything that can be done to obtain a perfect fit and finish.

We also take great care of your home. We put padding on the ground so not to scratch your floors, make sure any furniture that could be damaged is out of the way and when we done we will clean up the work area and take all the trash with us. More over, our installers are not allowed to smoke or listen to loud music while in your house or your premises. We respect your home just like we respect ours.